Time For A Remodel? Try A Spa Bathroom Design

Spa Bathroom Design

Contemporary Spa Bathroom Design

The bathroom used to be a purely functional room in most people’s houses. There wasn’t a lot of time, money or effort spent on making it luxurious, unless you were among the world’s richest people.

But over the last 10 to 20 years, this has changed. As prices have dropped on luxury fixtures, spa bathroom design has become more affordable to the average homeowner. It’s no longer unusual to see things like rain shower heads and jacuzzi bathtubs in a typical suburban home.

In fact, many people are remodeling their bathrooms to include these types of “extravagancies.”

Whether you’re thinking about a bathroom remodel or you’re building a new home – or maybe just adding another bathroom to the one you’re already living in – there are lots of great design ideas available to you.

You might choose to work with an interior design expert who can help you lay out a plan for your new bathroom. Or you might forego a decorator and come up with your own ideas.

Whichever option you ultimately choose, one of the best places to turn for ideas are the many magazines that feature luxury homes. These magazines can give you lots of unique ideas, which you can often implement for much less money than it might have cost in the homes they feature.

These publications generally feature beautiful photography that can inspire all sorts of ideas, without having to leave your own home. The internet is another possibility, with a multitude of websites dedicated to interior design.

Of course, you can also visit your local home center, such as Home Depot or Lowe’s, to get ideas as well. Or if you’re in a larger city, a dedicated bathroom design shop might be an option as well. They often have bathroom decor sections with contemporary bathroom designs fully configured for you to view. Many of these stores also have “virtual reality” computer software that can show you a 3D “preview” of your actual bathroom after remodeling.

Luxury Bathroom Design

Another Luxury Bathroom Design

And spa bathrooms don’t have to go with form over function, either. If you have specialized needs, such as walkin bathtubs or handicap showers, there are plenty of choices that will fit very nicely in a contemporary design.

Even more practical fixtures, like water efficient toilets, come in many nice designs. And to be honest, you might want to consider one to offset the extra water used by dual shower heads (or maybe triple- or quad- shower heads, for that matter).

While size does matter to some degree, you can even design a very nice spa bathroom in limited spaces. There are many different vanities for small bathrooms, corner shower units and other fixtures that can give you the spa experience while needing minimal floorspace.

Even if you’re remodeling a heritage home, there are lots of “vintage” fixtures available with all the modern amenities. Jetted clawfoot tubs, copper or other antique vessels and many more options are available to you.

Whatever you decide upon for your spa bathroom design, make sure that you consider how you’re going to use it before choosing your fixtures. There’s no sense spending a bunch of money on something you’re rarely or never going to use, particularly if you’re not intending to sell your home anytime soon.

A spa bathroom can add value to a home, but make sure you consider the return on investment of anything you add.